Mutual funds

The power of diversification

Maximize your investments

Mutual funds are enormously popular with Canadians. They are considered the original couch potato investment because they typically aren’t as vulnerable as stocks to any roller-coaster volatility in the markets.

The new way to trade mutual funds

We offer thousands of funds managed by large and small Canadian fund companies. Research them in our mutual fund research centre, and then find out how much you can save with our Mutual Fund Maximizer® service.


What exactly are mutual funds?

Mutual funds are baskets of securities actively monitored by professional fund managers. Each fund is designed to meet different criteria, so you can define anything from investment sector to your risk profile when selecting a fund.

How do I research and trade mutual funds?

We offer an entire mutual fund centre. The research portion, powered by Morningstar, is loaded with reports, earnings, filters, and screeners. Once you’ve selected your fund, you can trade and track your investment’s performance.

What is Mutual Fund Maximizer?

This is a Questrade exclusive. This service rebates the trailer fees embedded in the MERs which can be as much as 1% (or even more) of the value of your investments.1 Read more about Maximizer.

1Tiered trailer fees will be rebated at the base/starting rate.

Can I buy F-class mutual funds?

Some F-class funds can be held at Questrade, but it varies depending on the issuing company. To find out if your F-class mutual fund can be held in a Questrade account, please call 1.866.980.9590

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