Bonds & other fixed-income investments

Minimize the ups and downs of the markets

Add balance with bonds

In a volatile market, a strong risk management strategy is to diversify an investment portfolio with different asset classes. You already know the potential of stocks, now consider adding balance with bonds. They are a great way to hedge against market volatility as they typically trend in the opposite direction of stocks.

Not completely sold? We offer other fixed-income investing products: guaranteed investment certificates (GICs) and term deposits.

How do I trade bonds and GICs?
To trade bonds and GICs, call the Questrade trade desk at 1.866.980.9590. The daily trade deadline for bonds is 4:00 PM ET. The daily trade deadline for GICs is 1:45 PM ET.


What’s the difference between bonds, term deposits and GICs?

Bonds are essentially a loan to an organization with a pre-set coupon (return) rate and maturity date. GICs and term deposits are guaranteed investments, with set terms and interest rates.

Are all three guaranteed to earn interest?

Bonds, GICs and term deposits all have a pre-determined coupon or interest rate. With bonds, your money isn’t guaranteed. They are generally a safer way to invest, but there is always some risk attached. However, your money is guaranteed with a GIC or term deposit.

How are bonds priced?

Their price is dependent on a variety of factors: maturity, face value, rating as well as supply and demand.

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