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Webinar #9

Getting to know your account


Presented by: Questrade
Join us as we walk you through the fundamentals of funding, managing, and trading in your Questrade account.

About Questrade educational webinars


We realize that investing can seem a little overwhelming at first. We’re here to make managing your account and working towards your financial goals as simple and straightforward as possible. Questrade educational webinars are produced as educational resources to help Canadians better understand the tools they need to grow more financially successful and secure.


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Watch this free webinar to learn:

  1. How to get up and running with your Questrade account

    You can’t start investing until you’ve got some funds to work with. See the fastest and easiest ways to fund your account in US and/or Canadian dollars.
  2. Exploring and placing your first trade

    Learn how to navigate our web-based trading platform so you can find the stocks or ETF quotes that interest you, explore performance charts, and place your first trade.
  3. Track your progress and activity

    Learn how to browse through key reports and account details so you can stay on top of what you own, track any dividends you may receive, and watch your investments work.

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  • Duration: 21 minutes
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