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Toggle, link, float and pin. This is what complete control over your trading platform feels like. Start by choosing a colour scheme for your platform and subscribing to a data package. Link gadgets and windows, so a change you make in one area of the platform updates everywhere. Float a gadget or window by popping it out of a workspace. Pin a gadget anywhere you like, so no matter how many workspaces you have, it always appears where you want it on your screen.

The best way to discover the different gadgets and tools that are built into Questrade. Try them yourself with a no-risk, free practice account.

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How do I customize the platforms?
All our platforms have different features that you can use to optimize the platform for your trading style and strategies. Check out this playlist to get a walkthrough.
What are all the different gadgets in Questrade?
Questrade IQ has loads of gadgets and tools, such as different order entry types, market data, charts, watch lists and market activity. Whatever you need to build the perfect platform, you’ll find it in Questrade IQ.
Are all platforms customizable?
Yes. Every trading environment has different features you can customize and build around your trading style. Questrade and IQ Edge both have loads of gadgets and windows to design the perfect layout.
Can I trade without opening an account?
If you want to get a feel for trading and all the features included in Questrade, you can start a free trial account. The free trial includes $1,000,000 in virtual cash so you can test your trading strategies without putting a nickel of your own money on the line.

The way you customize your free trial won’t sync up when you open a real account, but you’ll know your way around like a pro.

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