Market making

Maintaining efficiency and liquidity

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Public companies must maintain liquid, orderly markets for their traded securities. This is particularly important for junior issuers.

Client-centric strategy

We offer liquidity provision and spread management services directly to senior and junior issuers trading on all recognized exchanges. This involves:

  • Allocating capital to acquire an inventory of stock.
  • Continually maintaining an agreed upon spread between bids and offers.
  • Providing secondary levels of market depth (below the top bid and offer) to guarantee stock availability at price points outside of the immediate market to avoid undue volatility.

Our trading desk will maintain an arm’s length relationship with your company’s management, and hold a market-neutral position to ensure there’s enough liquidity for shareholders. The liquidity provided can substantially reduce the price volatility that can occur with junior issuers. Furthermore, tighter spreads and increased trading volumes can increase investor confidence, broaden your company’s shareholder base and set you up for future growth.

Our responsibilities to you:

  • Calling a two-sided market at a designated spread goal
  • Accommodating small retail orders at any price level within the market (up to a designated minimum guaranteed fill)
  • Contributing to market liquidity and depth
  • Moderating price volatility
  • Assisting in spotting anomalies in the marketplace
  • Assisting in establishing fair and orderly markets

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