Corporation account

Smart business owner, smart investor

You’re a smart business owner, you need a smart investment account to match. With a Questrade corporation account, you can invest on behalf of your business and take advantage of corporate taxation rates.


What is a corporation account?

A corporation account is a non-registered trading account owned by a corporate entity. The funds and assets in the account belong to the corporation and are taxed according to the corporate tax rates.

What you can trade.

In a corporation margin account, you can trade every security type, including stocks (including OTC penny stocks), options (simple and multi-leg strategies), ETFs, mutual funds, bonds and precious metals.

We also offer retail trading FX and CFD (contracts for difference) corporation accounts.

Why trade in a corporation account.

Cash flow is a key driver in a healthy company. We offer a number of tools to quickly deposit and withdrawal funds, so your investments perform at peak efficiency. We also offer automated tools such as PACCs (pre-authorized cash contribution), automatic deposits, and a free dividend re-investment plan (DRIPs are only available in equities accounts).

Grow your excess capital for less.

Questrade charges nothing to open a corporation account. We give this account all the perks and benefits of a standard margin account, meaning you have complete freedom to manage the investment (and the strategy) on behalf of your corporation.

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