Broaden your portfolio with contracts for difference (CFDs), a versatile and cost-effective way to trade currencies, metals, energy, agricultural and equity index products.

Questrade CFDs at a glance

  • Flexible lot sizes: trade at your own comfort level
  • Trade long or short: potential to profit in both rising and falling markets
  • Competitive pricing: tight spreads lower your transaction costs1
  • Diversify your portfolio: gain easy access to global markets and different asset classes
  • Leveraged product: low margin requirements increase profit or loss potential

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How do CFDs work?

A CFD is a derivative product represented by an agreement between you and Questrade to exchange the difference between the opening and closing price of a CFD position. You don’t acquire ownership of the underlying asset when you enter a long position, nor do you deliver the asset with a short position. With the CFDs offered at Questrade, you can speculate on the future price movements of commodities, metals, currencies, and indices.

Can I see an example of a CFD trade?
  • You buy one contract of SPX500, which tracks the underlying S&P500 index. You enter this long position at 1,500.
  • Since one contract of SPX500 represents 10 units of the index, the value of the CFD is $15,000 (1,500 x $10).
  • At a margin rate of 4%, the margin requirement is $600 ($15,000 x 4%).
  • If SPX500 rises to 1,510 and you sell your position, you will realize a profit of $100 ($15,100 - $15,000).
  • Based on your original margin deposit of $600, your rate of return is 16.7% ($100 / $600).
CFD pricing spreads

CFD pricing for commodities and indices is derived from the reference futures price of the underlying asset, while pricing for gold and silver is based on the spot price.

CFD spreads

Instrument Quote currency Typical spread
XAU/USD U.S. Dollar 0.35
XAU/EUR Euro 0.65
XAU/GBP British Pound 0.65
XAU/CHF Swiss Franc 0.65
XAU/AUD Australian Dollar 0.65
XAU/JPY Japanese Yen 60
Instrument Quote currency Typical spread
XAG/USD U.S. Dollar 0.03
Other metals
Instrument Quote currency Typical spread
Platinum U.S. Dollar 1.70
Palladium U.S. Dollar 1.60
Copper U.S. Dollar 0.0025
Instrument Quote currency Typical spread
Corn U.S. Dollar 0.0075
Soybean U.S. Dollar 0.0075
Wheat U.S. Dollar 0.0075
Cotton U.S. Dollar 0.0025
Sugar U.S. Dollar 0.0005
Instrument Quote currency Typical spread
WTI Crude U.S. Dollar 0.05
Brent Crude U.S. Dollar 0.05
Natural Gas U.S. Dollar 0.017
Heating Oil U.S. Dollar 0.029
Instrument Quote currency Typical spread
SPX500 U.S. Dollar 0.50
US30 U.S. Dollar 3.00
NAS100 U.S. Dollar 1.30
ESTX50 Euro 2.00
GER30 Euro 1.50
FRA40 Euro 1.50
UK100 British Pound 1.50
AUS200 Australian Dollar 2.00
JPN225 Japanese Yen 15
HK40 Hong Kong Dollar 25

Questrade CFDs are leveraged contracts traded using a small deposit that represents a percentage of the contract’s total value.2 While this can magnify your profits, it may also amplify your losses — potentially outweighing your initial investment. So while the rewards can be substantial, it’s important that you fully understand the risk involved in trading CFDs.

*Trading in derivatives, including FX & CFDs, involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors.

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