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A new day, a new trade. Advanced charting. More markets and expanded order types. Super-fast trade executions. Everything you need to trade is here. And then some.


IQ Essential

Zen and the art of stock trading. This is trading, simplified.
IQ Essential is tablet-optimized and is also accessible on netbooks, computers and mobile devices. If your investment style and goals are straightforward, this is your solution.

  • Trading refined: all the tools you need to trade and monitor your account, built directly into your platform.
  • Trade from anywhere: on the train? Enjoying the weather? Feel the freedom of trading from any internet-connected device with our installation-free platform
  • No fuss trading: IQ Essential is web-based and optimized for your tablet. It requires no downloads or version updates so you’ll never have to wait to trade


IQ Web

A powerful (and genius) web platform. IQ Web is the next generation of online trading. It’s sleek, efficient and built for speed. Best of all, it’s free. Genius.

  • Whenever, wherever: forget about tying yourself to a desk. Access Questrade IQ from any computer with an internet connection, so where you trade is up to you
  • Personalize your platform: build your own workspace with your favourite gadgets (like research tools, watch lists, snap quotes, data on gainers and losers) plugged into your sidebars. An order entry window sits at the bottom of every window
  • Plus the features in all IQ platforms: exclusive market research package, including Intraday Trader1, Market Intelligence, and the definitive support library in the Exchange, our community for online traders


IQ Edge

Trade with an edge. Questrade IQ Edge is one robust trading machine. For active and pro traders, this is a desktop platform that is off the chart smart.

  • Advanced order entry: place orders however you want with all or none, anonymous, iceberg, minimum quantities, trailing orders and fill or kill durations
  • Click, drag, and drop: intuitive, simple customization puts you in control. Stick, float and pop out platform windows to keep an eye on the market and execute your orders faster
  • Plus the features in all IQ platforms: exclusive market research package, including Intraday Trader1, Market Intelligence, and the definitive support library in the Exchange, our community for online traders


IQ Mobile

Swipe, tap, trade. Wherever you are, so are the markets. Never miss a trading opportunity again with our super simple and super powerful mobile trading platforms.

  • Universal trading: a web app for all smartphones and a downloadable native app for iOS and Android
  • Research tools: use Intraday Trader1 to build your strategy with technical analysis, and Market Intelligence to build on fundamental data
  • Speed and power: multiple order types, studies and drawings, and super-fast trade executions with direct access to the markets
  • Watch lists: sync your IQ custom watch lists with IQ Mobile

1. Intraday Trader is included with an upgraded data plan, available at an additional cost

Rich and powerful

This is one muscular platform. It also happens to be loaded with features. When we built IQ, we made a wish list of everything a trader needs, plus some really cool extras. Then we proceeded to put a check-mark beside everything on the list. What this means is you can interact with a massive amount of market and account data, and the platform will respond lightning-fast to your every key (or mouse) command.

Toggle, link, float and pin. Trading as effortless as it sounds.

Simple, flexible, connected. This is what complete control over your brokerage account feels like. Link gadgets and windows, so a change you make in one area of the platform updates everywhere. Float a gadget or window by popping it out of a workspace. Pin a gadget anywhere you like, so no matter how many workspaces you have, the gadget always appears where you want it on your screen. With single sign-on, toggle between your IQ trading platform, myQuestrade, and the Exchange, our trading community.

See the big picture with more routes,
more data, and more depth.
You'll never miss a thing.


Market data is your view on the exchanges. With IQ, the view is amazing: expanded routes, expanded market depth, more ECNs, and more ways to package it together into your own personal panorama (we call it a subscription or a data plan).

All U.S. market data is available as live streaming straight from the market to IQ. We offer a number of subscriptions to different exchanges. Depending on your trading activity levels, we often reduce the price on data.

Enough studies, drawings, and charts to satisfy the most dedicated technical research enthusiast. And easy to use for the rest of us.

Technical analysis is at the heart of IQ (and many a trader). With a single click from anywhere in the platform, you can analyze the movement and performance of a symbol (or overlay another symbol for comparison). We’ve incorporated more classic studies – your favourite formulas plotted onto charts indicating patterns, volatility, momentum and support / resistance levels. There are more drawings so you can work the data how you want, from trendlines all the way up to Fibonacci arcs, fans, retracements and extensions. Construct your chart for any interval you like, and then set the display for candlesticks, lines, bars or mountains. Whatever your visual cues, the indications you watch to trigger a trade, we’ve polished and perfected them. Think of it as technical analysis, juiced.

Trading as it should be. Connect
directly to the markets with more
order types, enhanced account info,
and instant buying power updates.

The trading day begins. You’re in IQ, with a few watch list gadgets percolating in your sidebar. You see something you’ve been waiting for. It could be good. Really good. You right-click on the symbol and open the order entry; set your duration, then your order type, whether it’s a classic like limit, stop and market, or an advanced type like locked orders (floating), limit on open, limit on close, fill or kill, immediate or cancel, trailing stops by percentage, anonymous orders, minimum quantity, or iceberg. In the confirmation screen, review the effect of the order on your balances, then execute. IQ sends your order directly to the market. You’re in. It’s filled. Your buying power, cash, and maintenance excess are instantly updated. IQ is trading as it should be.

The Exchange, is a community for traders to share ideas and get answers fast.

There is a lot of power in collective intelligence. Amplify that in the Exchange. A community for traders to share opinions, strategies, ask questions, and get answers ― lots of answers. Experts happily rub shoulders with newbies. Buy-and-holders swap insights with swing traders. DRIPpers, options, value investors. Everyone has a place and a voice. We’ve also loaded up the community with help materials on IQ and on trading ― help articles, FAQs, video tutorials, blogs, forums, and webinars. Join the exchange and let the conversation begin.

Intelligent research

Build your trading universe with comprehensive charts, watch lists, quotes and a new market research centre. We’ve also built Market Intelligence’s most popular tools and data directly into IQ. Because it pays to be a know-it-all.

Our market research centre is loaded with reports, earnings, filters and screeners.

Watch now

Enter a security or symbol in the research section and scan results by financials, valuation, filings and other key metrics for North American securities.

Search for news in specific securities or market, and filter the results by symbol, sector or industry. Use screeners to overlay criteria such as growth, market, and valuation on a company or sector including ETFs. If it's fundamental, it's here. Market Intelligence is powered by Morningstar.

A personal algorithmic add-on to your platform, Intraday Trader is activated with every subscription to an enhanced or advanced streaming market data package, and is available right in IQ.

Watch now

As the market data streams through your platform, Intraday Trader scans the markets, identifies technical patterns, and instantly cross-references with your custom or pre-set watch lists. If your target trade is triggered, Intraday Trader will send you notification with annotated charts and a description of what is happening and why.

Intraday Trader is available with a streaming data plan and with the Questrade Advantage, the active trader program for everyone, featuring stock commissions starting at 95¢ and options for $6.95 + 75¢ per contract.

Which platform is right for you?

No matter how you trade, we’ve got you covered. Whether you trade at home, work, or on the move, there’s an IQ platform for every investor.

IQ Essential
IQ Web
IQ Edge
IQ Mobile
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Free platform

Direct market access

Default layouts

Customizable layouts

Multi-account support

Multiple workspaces

Multi-display support

Float/pin a window


Installation required1

Silverlight required

Mac compatible

Tablet friendly

Access to the Exchange™ - Questrade’s trading community

Market data
Streaming market data for level 1, charts, and watch lists1,2

Advanced streaming data for level 2 and time and sales1,2

Customizable watch lists

All North American stock & options markets

Multiple order entry windows

Platform alerts (price, volume, 52-week high/low)

Order entry
Market, limit, stop, stop limit, trailing stop and trailing stop limit orders (by price and percentage), and floating limit orders

Fill or kill (FOK), and immediate or cancel (IOC)

Limit on open, and limit on close orders

Advanced orders:
  • All-or-none
  • Anonymous
  • Iceberg
  • Minimum quantity

Extended after-market trading

Optional order preview

Bracket orders3 Modify or cancel only

Modify or cancel only
Online multi-leg option orders

Saved orders

Account & order management
Real-time equity, buying power, profit & loss, and order status updates

Updates upon refresh
Research tools
Real-time options chains with options analytics

Snap quotes for single options
Interactive charting with technical studies and drawings No options charting

Available through Market Intelligence
  • News and calendar events
  • Stock & ETF screeners
  • Research reports
  • Fundamental analysis with financial statements and industry comparisons
  • Daily top gainers, losers, and most active stocks

Available through Intraday Trader
  • Customizable technical pattern searches
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  1. IQ Mobile is available as a downloadable app for Android and iOS devices, and as a smartphone-optimized web app for BlackBerry, Windows, Android and iOS devices.
  2. Available through a data plan.
  3. You can modify the price or cancel a single leg of existing bracket orders with IQ Essential and IQ Mobile.

Internet connectivity:
High-speed services such as cable, DSL, and FTTP (fibre to the premises) are recommended.

IQ Essential


Operating systems Windows Vista, Windows 7+
Web browser Chrome 5+, Firefox 4+, Internet Explorer 8+


Operating system Mac OS X 10.7+
Web browser Safari 5.1+, Firefox 15+


Operating system Ubuntu 12+, Fedora 17+
Web browser Firefox 10+, Chrome 21+


Supported tablets iPad 1/2/3, Android 3+ devices, Blackberry Playbook
Web browser Default tablet browser

IQ Web


Computer and processor: Windows-compatible computer with a minimum single core 2-GHZ processor, dual-core processor or higher recommended
Memory: Minimum 2 GB of RAM; 4 GB of RAM recommended
Operating system: Windows Vista, Windows 7+
Web browser: Internet Explorer 8+; Google Chrome 9+; Firefox 5.5+
Web browser plug-in: Install the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight


Computer and processor: dual-core processor or higher
Memory: minimum 2 GB of RAM; 4 GB of RAM or more recommended
Operating system: Mac OS X 10.6+
Web browser: Safari 5.1.2+; Firefox 13+
Web browser plug-in: Silverlight 5+

IQ Edge


Computer and processor: Windows-compatible computer with a minimum single core 2-GHZ processor; dual-core processor or higher recommended
Memory: minimum 2 GB of RAM; 4GB of RAM recommended
Operating system: Windows Vista, Windows 7+
Web browser: Internet Explorer 8+; Google Chrome 9+; Firefox 5.5+
Hard disk space: minimum 30.1MB

IQ Mobile



iPhone 3Gs (minimum) iOS 5.0+ (minimum)
iPhone 4, 4s, 5 (recommended) iOS 6.1.3 (recommended)
iPod touch iOS 5.0 (min)
iOS 6.1.3 (recommended)
Android (2011 or later) OS 2.3.3+
BlackBerry BlackBerry OS 7+
Windows OS 8+