Administrative fees

Withdrawal banking fees
CAD$ electronic fund transfer (EFT) up to $25,000.001   Free
USD$ electronic fund transfer (EFT) up to $25,000.001   Free
CAD$ wire transfer   $20.00
USD$ wire transfer   $30.00
International wire transfer   $40.00
CAD$ and USD$ uncertified cheque   $50.00
Certified cheque2   $75.00
Stop payment   $25.00
NSF cheque/returned items   $30.00
Registered savings plans fees
Self-directed RRSP/RRIF Free
Annual fee for second & subsequent accounts Free
Registered education savings plans (RESP)
with more than $15,000
Registered education savings plans (RESP)
with less than $15,000
Full plan deregistration $100.00
Partial plan deregistration $50.00
Canadian controlled private corporations (CCPC) fee $250.00 + $100.00 annually
Lifelong learning plan (LLP) and
Home buyer’s plan (HBP) partial deregistration
Lifelong learning plan (LLP) and
Home buyer’s plan (HBP) full deregistration
Transfer fees
Transfer out an account to another institution   $150.00
Partial transfer of account to another institution   $25.00
Certificate fees
Deposit/Withdrawal at Custodian (DWAC)1   $300.00
Certificate re-registration2   $300.00
Rush certificate re-registration2,3   $450.00
Certificate deposit Private Investments4   $75
Certificate deposit TSX, TSXV, NYSE and NASDAQ   $300.00
Rush certificate deposit TSX, TSXV, NYSE and NASDAQ3   $400.00
Direct registration statement (DRS) deposit or withdrawal   $300.00
Mailing fees
Special courier (Canada)1   $35.00
Special courier (US)1   $70.00
Regular mail   $10.00
Trade confirmations & monthly statement fees
Electronic trade confirmation while logged into your account1   FREE
Electronic monthly statement (eStatement)   FREE
Copy of trade confirmation2   $20.00
Copy of account statement2   $20.00
Syndicated mortgage fees
Mortgage set up   $90.00
Monthly mortgage administration fee   $8.00/account
Annual mortgage holding fee (pro-rated)   $135.00/account
Additional mortgage transactions   $22.50
Private investment fees
Transactions1 $75 each
Quarterly holding fee2,3,4 $24.95
Quarterly holding fee—additional accounts2,3,4 $12.50
One time product on-boarding fee (Issuer Only)5 $250/product
Other fees
Open an account   FREE
Close an account   FREE
Inactivity fee (over $5,000 combined equity)   FREE
Inactivity fee (under $5,000 combined equity)1   $24.95/quarter
Mutual Fund Maximizer processing fee2   $29.95/month
Settlement of non-DTC (Depository Trust Company) eligible securities   $450.00
Private placement request3   $175.00
Precious metals withdrawal fee4   $75.00
Precious metals gold storage fee (pooled)5   0.50% of market value
Precious metals silver storage fee (pooled)5   0.75% of market value
Precious metals storage fee (separated)5   1.5% of market value
Research request (minimum one hour)   $75.00/hr
Estate transfer   $200.00/account
Document retrieval6   $20.00/document
Duplicate tax document6   $20.00/tax slip
Unclaimed property   $29.95/quarter

Note: Questrade converts currencies and may apply a conversion rate. Any revenue earned is based on the bid and ask spread of the current spot rate market.

Note: QST and HST/GST are added where applicable. All administrative account fees are in the currency of the transaction in which they relate.