Canada’s lowest commissions.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better

Everyone deserves a great deal. We believe good pricing shouldn’t be based upon the size of one’s nest egg, so we offer two trading pricing plans. In addition, get zero commission bonds, mutual fund trailer fee rebates with Mutual Fund Maximizer®, and buy any North American-listed ETF, including Questrade Smart ETFs™ commission-free.

Democratic pricing

Open a Questrade account and no matter how often you trade or the size of your portfolio you always get low commissions.

Standard plan
Stocks 1¢ per share
(min. $4.95 / max. $9.95)
Options $9.95 + $1 per contract
ETFs Buy commission-free
The Questrade advantage™

Our active trader program for everyone offers the lowest commission in Canada. Register for one of our advanced market data plans, and choose between:

Variable plan Fixed plan
Stocks 1¢ stock trades
(min. 1¢ / max. $6.95)
A flat rate of
$4.95 per trade
Options Trade options for
$6.95 + 75¢ per contract
Trade options for
$4.95 + 75¢ per contract
ETFs Buy commission-free

Additional fees include:

  • There is an additional $45 commission for any trade we complete through our trade desk.
  • Partial fills (orders filled over multiple days) are subject to additional commission charges
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) fee: based on a percentage of the total dollar amount of U.S. securities sold
  • Exchange and ECN fees may apply
  • Data fees may apply depending on your choice of trading platform and market data
  • For clients who maintain USD in their RESP: on any day in which you trade a U.S. security in your RESP, you’ll be charged a $5 commission. This is a flat, per-day commission, no matter how many trades are made or if the trade is commission-free (such as the purchase of an ETF).

Note: commissions are charged in the currency of the trade.

1. The Questrade Advantage™ is a program available to all clients who subscribe to an advanced Canadian or U.S. market data plan. Don’t want the Advantage? No problem. Your stock trades are 1¢ per share, minimum $4.95 / maximum $9.95, and you’ll still get all our other great pricing benefits like buying ETFs for free.

2. The Questrade Advantage program is designed to provide lower pricing for frequent traders. Any manipulation of the spirit of the program may result in a client being removed from the Advantage program.