ETF pricing

Buy ETFs for FREE

Build your portfolio with ETFs, the fastest-growing investment product on the market. Any purchase of an ETF is absolutely commission-free.

Here’s another reason to get excited about ETFs: Questrade Smart ETFs™. They’re hedged to the Canadian dollar to protect your investments from U.S. currency fluctuation and designed to focus on specific sectors and markets. Talk about smart.

Best of all, you can buy any North American-listed ETF, including Questrade Smart ETF™ commission-free.

Here's how it works:

  • Buy Questrade Smart ETFs commission-free with a Questrade trading account
  • Same goes for other Canadian or U.S. ETFs
  • When you’re ready to sell, just pay the standard commission for the trade
  • Buy ETFs whenever you like: there’s no minimum holding period

Additional fees include:

  • Exchange and ECN fees may apply.
  • Phone trades through our trade desk are subject to an additional commission.
  • Partial fills (sell orders filled over multiple days): subject to additional commission charges. No additional charges for partial fills on ETF buys.
  • ETFs included as a part of a multi-leg option trade will incur a commission.
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) fee: based on a percentage of the total dollar amount of U.S. securities sold.
  • Data fees: may apply depending on your choice of trading platform and market data.
  • For clients who are maintaining USD in their RESP: on any day in which you trade a USD security in your RESP, you will be charged a $5 commission. This is a flat, per-day commission, no matter how many trades are made.

Note: commissions are charged in the currency of the trade.

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