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  • Trade for $4.95 flat or 1¢/share
  • Free advanced trading platform
  • Live U.S. and Canadian data packages
  • Rebates based on trading activity

Choose between two active trader commission plans

(Available with a subscription to an advanced market data package)

Fixed planMost popular

$4.95 /trade
$4.95 + $0.75/contract
Buy for free
Sell for $4.95/trade

Variable plan

min $0.01 to max $6.95
$6.95 + $0.75/contract
Buy for free
Sell for 1¢/share;
min $0.01 to max $6.95

To unlock active trader pricing, you will need to subscribe to an advanced market data package

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Frequently asked questions

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Data costs and commission rebates on data plans are based on the subscribed data and commission accumulated during the current calendar month. Data costs are billed in the currency of the plan and do not include applicable QST, or HST/GST. Calculations for data rebates exclude all commissions generated outside the trading platforms, including mutual funds, gold, bonds, GICs, and all trades placed through our trade desk. Exchange, ECN, ATS, and SEC fees do not accrue toward calculating data fee rebates. Commission thresholds are based on the combined Canadian amounts; U.S. commissions are calculated using the end of month exchange rate. The Questrade Advantage™ is a program available to all clients who subscribe to an advanced Canadian or U.S. market data plan. The Questrade Advantage program is designed to provide lower pricing for frequent traders. Any manipulation of the spirit of the program may result in a client being removed from the Advantage program.
Market data package rebates are rebated in the currency of the package.

There is an additional $45 commission for any trade called into the trade desk. Partial fills (orders filled over multiple days) are subject to additional commission charges. Selling U.S. Securities will incur a fee charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Exchange and ECN fees may apply. Borrow fees may apply if you hold a short investment overnight.