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The lowest stock commissions in Canada
Trade stocks for 1¢ per share, (1¢ min / $6.95 max) OR $4.95 flat with the Questrade Advantage, or for 1¢ per share ($4.95 min / $9.95 max) with our democratic pricing plan.

Buy ETFs for free
Any purchase of a Canadian or U.S. listed ETF is absolutely commission-free.

$9.95 + $1.00 per contract
The commission for U.S. and Canadian or option assignments is in the currency of the trade. Option exercises and assignments are $24.95. Subscribers to the Advantage program pay as low as $4.95 + 75¢ per contract for one-leg and multi-leg options (stock legs incur your regular stock commission).

Mutual funds
$9.95 per online trade
Mutual funds are the staple of many portfolios, and can play an important role in an investment strategy. Exclusive to Questrade: maximize your mutual funds with trailer-fee rebates.
Learn more about Mutual Fund Maximizer1

Trade desk commissions
For stocks, options and mutual funds: trades through our trade desk are subject to a commission of $45 per trade in addition to the standard commission.

Bonds and GICS
$0.00 no commissions
Pay zero commissions when you buy and sell bonds and GICs. Go to our new bonds website to subscribe to the daily Bonds Bulletin and to learn more about balancing your portfolio with fixed income securities.

$0.00 no commissions
Costs are integrated in pip spreads – the difference between the bid and the ask price. Questrade offers competitive pricing on currencies, commodities and market indices, with spreads as low as 1-2 pips on major currency pairs.

Precious metals
$19.95 per trade
Diversify your portfolio with gold and silver. $19.952 per trade. Gold and silver bullion are available in registered accounts. For margin accounts, you can also hold precious metals on margin and borrow on the bullion you already own — up to 80% loan value for gold, and 70% for silver.

Additional securities
Trade international stocks and initial public offerings.

Notes and debentures:

  • $0.10 per $1,000 par value per side.
  • Regular commission fees apply (including the Questrade Advantage).
  • CSE notes and debentures: $0.10 per $1,000 par value per side: minimum $1.00.