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Stocks pricing

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better.

Trade stocks for 1¢ and options as low as $4.95 + 75¢ per contract with the Questrade Advantage1 (which you get automatically when you subscribe to an advanced data plan).

Don't want the Advantage? No problem. Trade stocks for $4.95, get zero-commission bonds, trailer fee rebates with Mutual Fund Maximizer, and buy ETFs commission-free.

The 1¢ stock trade

The Questrade Advantage is our active trader program for everyone. Subscribe to an advanced market data plan and you'll get:

  • Trade stocks for 1¢ per share (1¢ min/ $6.95 max)
  • OR
  • $4.95 flat per trade
The $4.95 stock trade

Democratic pricing. No matter how much you trade or the size of your portfolio, you get great rates and lots of freebies:

  • Trade stocks for 1¢ per share, $4.95 min / $9.95 max

Additional fees include:

  • Trades through our trade desk are subject to an additional commission
  • Partial fills (orders filled over multiple days) are subject to additional commission charges
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) fee: based on a percentage of the total dollar amount of U.S. securities sold
  • Exchange and ECN fees may apply
  • Data fees may apply depending on your choice of trading platform and market data
  • For clients who maintain USD in their RESP: on any day in which you trade a U.S. security in your RESP, you’ll be charged a $5 commission. This is a flat, per-day commission, no matter how many trades are made or if the trade is commission-free (such as the purchase of an ETF).

For clients maintaining USD in a LIF, RIF, or spousal-RIF account, go to the USD in RSP page for more details.

Note: commissions are charged in the currency of the trade.

1. The Questrade Advantage™ is a program available to all clients who subscribe to an advanced Canadian or U.S. market data plan. Don't want the Advantage? No problem. Your stock trades are 1¢ per share, minimum $4.95 / maximum $9.95, and you'll still get all our other great pricing benefits like buying ETFs for free.