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Master the tools of your trade with free online training

Our on-demand webinars can help you build a customized trading strategy, whether you’re a pro in the markets or just starting out. They’re packed with how-tos from the industry’s trusted sources, tips on avoiding extra fees, and other tools that might help you maximize profits.

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Insider learning webinar series

We’ve teamed up with some of the industry’s finest to bring you free educational webinars.

IQ webinars

Give your IQ a boost

Give your IQ a boost

Introducing Questrade IQ, our new trading platform. Attend one of our many webinars hosted by our IQ experts. We’ll guide you through all the features and some great tricks, and by the end of this 45-minute tour, you’ll be an expert too.

Learn how to:

  • Navigate the main tools in the platform
  • Conduct technical and fundamental research
  • Execute trades with confidence
  • Use specialized tools that most users overlook
  • Ask (and get answers to) questions on the spot

Download our free on-demand webinar to watch whenever you want by clicking the button below.

Mutual Fund Maximizer

Mutual Fund Maximizer

Mutual funds are the most popular investment vehicle in Canada – and mutual fund companies load them down with fees. But you can lighten the load. Register for our Mutual Fund Maximizer® webinar and learn how to get some of those fees back where they belong: in your portfolio.

Learn how to:

  • Maximize your returns with trailer fee rebates
  • Improve your portfolio’s year-over-year growth with compound investing
  • Conduct mutual fund research directly from myQuestrade
  • Ask (get answers to) questions on the spot

Register for the Mutual Fund Maximizer® webinar, and join the class remotely or download it for playback whenever and wherever you want.

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